Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bibigallery has been re-launched

Yes that right bibigallery, thats Bahar Yamini-Sharif website has been re-launched. They have a new shop, blog and this time a forum. I would recommend getting over there for a look at her work which we have featured right here on watercolour art sites back in July. The blog is here:
bibigallery blog

and the forum here:
bibigallery forum

I am sure she would love to hear from you.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Frieze art fair says your fired to Sir Alan Sugar

I have just read a peice about how the Frieze art fair has turned down The Apprentice. thought you would be interested.

Frieze art fair – the annual stalking ground of contemporary art collectors, hawk-like dealers and terrifyingly chic curators – has turned down the chance, we understand, of having a slot on national TV. The fair's organisers were approached by the makers of hit BBC reality show The Apprentice, who fancied the idea of setting "Lord" Sugar's contestants the task of competitively flogging art at their own special stands.

Our spy at Frieze, however, tells us that the idea of "some oik with a Hoxton fin grabbing Charles Saatchi from the aisles and trying to flog him stuff" wasn't quite in keeping with the fair's discreet and dignified flavour, for which aspiring stand-holders are selected by a vetting committee. Still, it would have been a highly entertaining spectacle (potentially as entertaining, even, as the famed Pantsman debacle from the last series), which the Diary is sad to be denied.

Instead, we shall have to make do with some of the more amusing artists' projects that will punctuate the fair, which runs from 15-18 October in Regent's Park, London. There is Mike Bouchet's wheeze of hiring a motivational speaker to gee up the dealers in these troubled times; Ryan Gander's plans to photograph visitors with their favourite artwork; and Stephanie Syjuco's workshop, where she will bootleg, in cheap materials, works for sale on the fair's legit stands. More seriously, Agn├Ęs Varda, the great new-wave director, will speak about her life and work.

Frieze will host fewer visiting galleries from the US and continental Europe this year – but it's still, we hear, business as usual.

5 tips to help master watercolours (watercolors)

So people ask me how do I start, what do I need, should I take lessons and other such questions about painting watercolours (watercolors). I am happy to sit down and give people some of my experience. Today I am going to extend that knowledge to you.

Keep it simple stupid

The simple truth is you don't have to go out and buy all the best equipment, as all you really need is some paints, paper, brushes, water and time. If you overcomplicate the mater you are just shooting yourself in the foot, choose a simple but inspiring scene to paint and just give it a good.

Start slow and relax

Even though painting should be a relaxing past time, many people find themselves getting frustrated when the learn to paint. Now in doing so you find you body getting stiff and your joints fixed, this is completely the opposite from what you want. What I do is not let it get to me, if that fails close your eyes take 2 or 3 deep breaths relaxing my arms and shoulders and clearing my mind. Then when I open my eyes I paint.

Painting is a journey

People send lots of time and money going off to the fare reaches of the planet (and beyond) to discover themselves. I believe the painting is one of the true self discovery pastimes.

Don't just site there get inspired

Ok so sitting in front of the telly might help some people get inspired to paint a master peace but for most people I can say that wont be the best method. Painting is a passionate activity, if you don't paint with some passion then you work will end up flat and lifeless. For this reason get yourself out and about see life, see love, see colour, see nature.

Why one is ok but two better

I paint alone and find some solace in it. But when I need to get inspired need to get revved up and excited about my next painting I look to others, to friends to family to the art community. Get out a talk to people share ideas, techniques.

My five top tips to get better results with watercolours

  • relax
  • have a drink (just the one!)
  • don’t be afraid to fail (embrace it, some of my favourite work came that way)
  • don’t be a perfectionist (you need to finish something)
  • enjoy yourself


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Watercolour work by Bahar Yamini-Sharif

Watercolour art sites is happy to display the work by an artist I like. She works mainly in watercolour from what I understand. Her website is down at the moment but her work is around the net just search for Bahar Yamini-Sharif.

I find her style involves bright and some times brash colours but these are kept in check with the emotion of the figures. Some of the work has a very natural sometimes raw feel wish I love. I cant find any more of her work right now hopefully her website will be up soon but I recommend you have a look around as some of the work is quite special.

Update Oct 09: Bahar has launched her new site now which can be found at bibigallery


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Desperate Romantics

So this week a new mini series has started on BBC 2 called Desperate Romantics. Now these BBC Dramas can be very hit or miss and normally you can tell after just a few episodes which way its going, or if there is likely to be a second series.

The show is based in the 19th century industrial London and follows a group of artist that call themselves the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a vagabond group of English painters, poets and critics.

This is a relationship drama through the eyes of this group of young dysfunctional male romantics, the series follows their lives as they audaciously scheme, plot and struggle their was to find fame, fortune and the recognition they long for.

The drama was described by Kate Harwood says: "Basically, it's Entourage with easels. Desperate Romantics paints a modern, vivid and irreverent portrait of this group of painters whose attitude to the establishment makes them comparable to the punks a hundred years later.

"I'm delighted that BBC Drama Production continues to surprise with our diverse dramas, ranging from the recent BBC Two hit House Of Saddam to forthcoming productions including A Short Stay In Switzerland starring Julie Walters."

Having watch the first episode I am sure to be there ready for the second when it is show next week. Long live quality drama from the BBC.

watercolour art sites / watercolor art sites

This blog entitled watercolour art sites (watercolor) is going to be dedicated to all things watercolour. As I am a lover of the arts and most especially watercolours I wanted a place I could give something back to the art community. I will in time put up reviews, samples of art, my art (naturally), links of events, artists work, art for sale and much more.

Watercolour art sites blog is as much yours as mine so if you have something to say (about art) then please feel free to do so here, if you like the topic then please bookmark me or follow on RSS.

So welcome and I hope you enjoy.